Villa Ramallo

During our stay on Isla Chiloé, Chile in January, we met Christian, an Argentinian from Villa Ramallo, a little town located 200 km west of Buenos Aires. Angelus stayed at Christian’s for a while and invited us to come around and visit them. So this is what we did.

We spent a great week in this town and were put up by Flavia and Carlos, our guest family who really made us feel at home!

Part of this adventurous week was a planned 3-day fishing and hunting stay on an island in the Paraná River. It runs through Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina and forms the Rio de la Plata which empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Because of a mosquito plague we only stayed two days and unfortunately had to leave this beautiful place early.

The shores of the Paraná River provide sandy beaches which are quite crowded by the locals during weekends. As usual in Argentina, everything is allowed, so spectators can watch rowing boats, motor boats, jet skis, … really everything you can imagine, our highlight was an unidentified flying object which turned out to be some sort of flying rubber boat:

Photos Villa Ramallo (please click here to see all of our photos)

Thanks to Martin, Miguel and Santiago, we also got the chance to improve our waterskiing skills, however the 40 HP engine was struggeling a bit to pull Robin out of the water after a week of fantastic Argentinian Asados.

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  • Tom Says:

    Das Klavierstueck gefaellt mir gut!!! Lustisch!!!

  • Basti Says:

    Hallo Ihr Lieben!

    Begeistert verfolge ich Eure Website… Wahnsinn, was fuer Abenteuer erlebt!
    Ich beneide Euch! Passt trotzdem auf Euch auf!