Below you can find a list of all our luggage. We will emphasis on products that have proven to be worthwhile and also on those that have proven to be unnecessary.

Camping equipment:

Until now we only have limited experience in camping, especially staying in a tent. After researching this topic accurately, we have chosen to use the following items:


- Tent Robens Fortress (3-men tent with extra storage space for all of our luggage)

- Base for the tent

- 2 x Thermarest Prolite sleeping pads

- 2 x fleece inner sleeping bags

- 2 x down feather sleeping bags for temps down to -12°C

- 2 x blow-up pillows (exchanged for fishing rod after 6 weeks)

- 1 x mosquito net (sent home after 1 month)


- Primus Omnifuel cooker including pan and pot

- Extra set of pan and pots (sent home)

- Hobo cooker

- 2 x cutlery, plates and cups

- Various knives

- Fiskars mini-axe

- 3 x Ortlieb water bags (4 liters each)

- Foldable bowl “Sea to Summit” (10 liters)

- Katadyn water filter and Micropur drops (sent home filter after 2 months due to very little use)

Motorbike equipment:


- Held Carese Gore-Tex jacket

- Held Torno Gore-Tex pants

- Held Track, Orkney and Namib gloves (sent home the light summer gloves “Track”, the other 2 pairs cover all temparatures)

- Held Carbon helmet Travel X

- Held Scala Rider Intercom

- Held Gore functional undergarments

- Kenny Racing Perfomance moto cross boots

Spare parts:

- Clutch and brake levers

- Clutch slave cylinder

- Extra thick tubes front and rear

- Tyre repair kits

- Spokes and nipples

- Chain lock

- O-ring set fuel pump

- Oil filter (used at first service)

- Brakepads front and rear


- KTM board tools

- 3 x KTM tyre levers

- Various ring and fork spanners

- Ratchet with various nuts

- Hammer (backside of Fiskars mini-axe)

- Hose clamps, zip ties

- Allen key set

- Screw driver

- Leatherman

- Steel brush and chain lube


- 2 x Abus Combiflex locks (to secure clothing, helmets, etc.)

- 1 x Abus Detecto 7000 RS brake disc lock with alarm

- 2 x Abus Nautilus padlocks


When choosing the right surf boards for the trip, we had to be very careful with the length of the boards due to the motorbike transport. Especially for Isabel a Mini Malibu would have been the best choice, however we found a shorter alternative:

- Frittboards Buster Wombat 6´4

- Light Indonesia Gordon Hansen Speedster 6’6 custom shape

- Grant Miller Waterskate 6’6 (only for the first weeks, then sold)

- FCS Dual boardbag

- Various boardshorts

- O’Neill thermo shirts

- Rip Curl Powerbomb 4/3 Wetsuits

- Rip Curl 2/2 shorties (purchased in Uruguay)

- Various fins, leashes, wax, etc.

- Reefbooties