Good Bye Latin America!!

After having a great time in La Paz, Lake Titikaka, Arequipa and Lima, we finally had to say good bye to this beautiful continent. It was time to get back home…

On the way back to Germany we had a 4-day-stopover in New York which was a great contrast to our time in Peru.

We are now back in Munich and enjoy catching up with friends and family, the beautiful summer and all the amenities we were  missing on the road. We are also looking for jobs to continue our careers.

The 10 months on the road gave us great insights, we experienced a lot and covered 32.oookm on the bike.

We made many new friends and thanks to modern technology many visitors from all over the world visited our Blog.

Here are some statistics:

Over the past year we had almost 10.000 visits to our blog and over 63.000 pageviews.

Most visitors came from Germany followed by Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Chile. Overall we had visits from 86 countries all over the world including countries such as Pakistan, Guinea-Bissau, Moldova, India, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Albania and many more.

This certainly was the trip of our lives. Luckily enough we did not have any major problems nor accidents, severe sicknesses, bike problems or any other negative experiences.

We want to thank everyone who was involved in our trip and made it such a fantastic experience. Thanks to all the great people we met along the way and helped us out or offered us a place to stay or simply wanted to chat with us, our friends and family who supported us and our sponsors who made the whole trip possible. Last but not least many thanks to you, the people who constantly read our blog and gave as such great feedback before, during and after our trip.


2 Responses to “Good Bye Latin America!!”

  • anastacio Says:

    Congratulations My friends Robin & Isabel,
    I hope see you soon,in Brasil ou in Germany.
    Lucky to find new jobs and continue your careers,

    Big Hug


  • Vinka Says:

    Isabel and Robin; Nice words! The perfect end for (I guess!…) a perfect travel. Maybe the end of a first travel among many others in the future. Why noy?!. Mis mejores deseos, y espero verlos en Alemania. Por ahora, celebren su vuelta a casa con una Weißbier y una Weißwurst!. Les envío un gran abrazo.


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